MarketSmith Hongkong, a robust investment application designed for iPhone, Android and Desktop web, picking you the winning stocks based on the investment principle that outperforms the market indexes over the past 50 years. It is the ultimate investment tool that helps our investors to make better decisions on stock evaluation and trade at the best timing with O'Neil's principles. Now this application is available for China A-shares, Hong Kong, and U.S  markets. Do you want to maximize your investment returns? Take a FREE TRIAL today!

Evaluate Stocks

O'Neil Weekly List Top 33 Stocks

Weekly updates of 33 top-performing stocks list using O'Neil-exclusive criteria.

Market Outlook

Pattern Recognition Best Timing to Trade

Highlight the O'Neil patterns Indicate the best timing to buy.

Market Outlook

Investment Portfolio Follow the Trail

Reveal the investment strategy and moves of the high-performing portfolio by our experienced financial analyst.

Market Outlook

Master The Market Trend

Get inspired and be on top of the market trend and individual stock movements in the weekly summary written by our professional financial analyst.

MarketSmith Hongkong

(A-Shares & HK)

MarketSmith U.S

(For Chinese Users)